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Quick run down of recent excitement:

Actually managed to get in some top-notch Aerobie with Mary, Charlotte and Max, due to a brief spell of nice weather. Hadn't had a proper session since.. oh, god.. maybe last June? May, even? Christ. And I remember when there was a point when this here blog seemed to be about nothing but those little flighty sods. Anyway, after a few rusty moments of shit throwing/catching, loss of the disc over the fence (repeatedly, but regained due to Mary and Charlotte's ninja-like agility) and general filth of the muddy field we resorted to (can't beat Parkwood sports field, let's face it) it turned out to be a good session, and no mistake.

One strange thing that happened right after was that we were walking back towards the house when two young girls (no older than eleven) come running up to me; one grabs my Aerobie and says "Wow, cool frisbee, mate! Can I have a go?" and starts to swiftly walk away with it. Before I could chase her or do anything, she falls on her arse onto the pavement, and the disc is retrieved. Before she gets up, she just kind of looks up at us. I ask her is she is okay, and she gives me a look as if she was about to from saying "Fuck off, clean-shirt." We moved on.

Had a visit from Chris back home. Somewhat epic weekend, beginning with taking him straight to Orange Street on the Friday, followed by two 4am-nighters out and about, seeing people, talking like we'd just invented it, etc. Truly great to have someone from back home to show everything that goes on in this here town. Makes it all seem a bit more real, in a way..

Put up Duncan and Becky for a couple of nights whilst Duncan visited old friends from university. Became good friends with Becky during her final year, and subsequently friends with Duncan through her. Took the pair of them to a Salsa event in town on the Saturday, where I think they were both into it enough to join me at a London club in a few weeks..

Speaking of Salsa, we're currently planning a seven-date tour of the south coast salsa clubs.

Photographic evidence of a change in the weather:

Marcelino and Charlotte basking (Charlotte was back from Tokyo for a brief time recently)

Agnieszka out and about. Beautiful sun, but harsh winds that day. So it goes.


Rehearsals for the International Showcase (Salsa won the Dance Section, obviously).

We've signed up for 88 Tenterden Drive again. It all seems to be moving pretty fast. Soon comes Manchester..

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