"Not every Marta's friends are really Marta's friends"

Some shots from Italy. I was mainly based round Lake Maggiore, due to my friend living and working in Sesto Calende. Managed to visit Turin, Milan and Verona also.

Verona has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. You get to visit 'Juliet's Balcony', there's an original Roman arena still in full use (apart from the feeding of Christians to the lions) and the old town is surrounded by a rushing river. Tourism has yet to destroy the place. One of the most romantic places I've ever seen.

Milan and Turin were also deeply impressive, especially the Egyptian Museum in Turin (the worl'd second best, aparently. I'd like to think that the best happens to be in Egypt, otherwise where will we be? The worlds third best Icelandic museum happens to be in Cardiff?). Milan has all the fashion and money associated with it, but it's also strikingly contrasted by the tram system and certain blocks of the town which feel like they were plucked straight from the 1930s. Turin is just gigantic due to so much of the city being rebuilt in order for the troops to be swiftly marched from one side of the city to the other should needs be.



Arona, lake Maggiore

Rocca di Angera (I should explain: this castle has one of the largest collections of dolls in the world, and dolls from all periods and countries. Some were beuatiful, some were bloody creepy).

Isla Bella. Beautiful as it looks, that peacock proper went mental at the one on the right a few seconds later..

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