The traveller has come

A brief pictorial run-down of the last two bastard weeks:

An epic day of Doctor Who and concerning foodstuffs (note the burgers with waffles, melted cheese and chili ketchup above) with a good friend before heading home the next morning..

Let's get ready to ramble! Christmas morning atop Pontsford Hill (usual chilly routine of dad's) with neighbours Mark and Alan. Tin of chocolates had been left at the top by 'Grandad'. The chocolates were molar-fracturingly cold..

Wished I'd remembered to bring my camera home for this. The Wrekin, as viewed from Pontesford Hill, 9:05am Christmas morning. The mist surrounding the base of it makes it look dramatically mountainous (but it isn't a mountain it's a massive hill and nothing more so don't believe any exaggerating locals)..

Superb Christmas gift from mother - a make-your-own plasticine Morph! A genuine childhood hero. Here his is lovingly recreated precisely as he appeared in the short animated adventures I watched as a child after school. No difference whatsoever...

Ben and Ted, 27th December. It was decided at this moment that, should I die young, they promised to turn up to my funeral in full Nazi officer uniforms. No real reason, just to detract from any sadness, I suppose..

The journey home was 4 1/2 hours of precarious snow-covered crawling back to Canterbury. Never before has any godforsaken services looked to pretty...

First night back. Chiara, looking like an erotic hot drinks advert..

Handsome devil, ready to take on term 2, 2009/2010. The painting behind me hangs on dad's front room wall. It is truly immense.


  1. Those burgers truly are concerning. I mean, who eats waffle-burgers without pickles?

    Climbing a hill for candy in the snow is an odd thing to do...

    Nazis at a funeral would be kind of hilarious; and also, exactly what sort of cartoons are they showing in the UK???

  2. Good point about the waffles. Don't know what I was thinking.

    If you look up Morph cartoons on Youtube you will see that I might have taken certain model-making liberties with mine (all for the sake of childishness).