An important words

Right, to kick off with, I have a confession to make.

It has taken me years to capitulate towards public blogs or anything of the like. I've energetically avoided social networking sites because I've always seen them as artificial and disturbingly addictive. The look of genuine obsession I've seen on the faces of loved ones has made me fear for not only their sanity, but also their fingertips.

Yet here I am, submitting my first post on my first blog. (actually, this isn't my first; I've had an anonymous poetry blog for several months, and the enjoyment I've had with that has been instrumental towards me starting up this green wazzock). But why have I actually started this blog, I hear you ask (except you would say you instead of I). Why have you, Rich Fox, dashed your principles against the wall like bad water biscuits and created a blog which you must now update on a semi regular basis if only to have made the hours it took you to think of the title and come up with the snazzy header to go with it even remotely worthwhile?

Well, if you give me a chance, I shall tell you.

I'm currently thirty-one years old (I know I don't look it and in fact look about twelve) and I'm coming to the end of my first year of an English Language degree. It's taken me a long time to decide to come to university, and now I'm nearing the end of my first year, I've realised that - aside from some letters I've written to people back home - I haven't got anything down solid for myself. So that's the reason, really; I'm doing this for myself. Obviously not completely for myself, otherwise it wouldn't be public.

Just see it as being a diary (but more like a travesy of a mockery of a sham of one).

I shall talk about things that make me want to talk about them; university life, love, loss, coasters in the shape of hamburger pieces (see pic) music, films, Chris and Maureen (the two mallard ducks who walk round campus all day like they're all that), interesting stuff I've found on the net or in a tramp's trolley - the lot. It's all going down. I'm pulling no punches.

I guess everyone starts a blog with the intentions of their's being different, not just covering the same old whatever as the other five hundred billion bloggers out there, circling the Internet like giant, rotating thought-Wurlitzers.

But mine really will be different, I know it! Kind of like whenever I have my first threesome; there will be no strings attached. It will be different for me, obviously!

So bring the popcorn, sit back, relax, and get ready.

I am here to save the Internet.

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  1. Haha....they are very disturbingly addictive.