Thoughts on being a bad student pt.2

Right, so, just to make it clear, I have actually had a very good year in this house, and that incident I spoke of earlier was isolated and will no doubt never be repeated. However, for any of you untrustworthy people out there who are glaring at the screen with stony visages thinking Rich, you kitchen door fascist, here is a selection of visual evidences that fun and young smiling faces can happen around me (and sometimes very nearly with me);

Kitchen table, October '08. A nightly sight - soft cheeses, lens caps, and coffee cups. We seemed to have chance to spend a lot of time together of an evening back then, now it's a bit less often. Then again, none of us are doing the same degree and we discovered we're all allergic to cheese.

Laura and Hannah late one evening. Actually, this may have been something like the second evening after I arrived, so 28th September. Hannah brought with her complete Yoda and Boba Fett outfits, hence the Yoda mask on her head end.

Lewis, Louise, Laura and I dressed up for the Hobgoblin pub Halloween Party. The kitchen and downstairs bathroom was a make-up workshop for a couple of hours before we left. Having donned zombie make-up for a previous party, I supervised the operation. Laura's Gene Simmons make-up was a first ever attempt, and she got a lot of positive comments from people in the pub (not least because that's her actual tongue).

At the beginning of December, we decided to try our hands at the local pub quiz, and we ended up winning the bastard! Our team was called Whoa There Frankenstein, I didn't Program You To Make Out With Boys! (in reference to the beautiful ballad by The Great Redneck Hope from their album Behold The Fuck Thunder (2004)) and we walked away with about £60. That money basically paid for full Christmas dinner for about 22 people (turkey, pork, soft drinks and dessert). It was a brilliant party, and everyone was fed and gone by midnight. Perfect. Above is Louise and Tobias having fun at the party. Don't they look happy?

Becky and Amelia at same said party. Don't they look happy?

Hannah, Tobias and a fat translucent arm using indoor fireworks at the party. Don't they look happy?

Max and Pad jamming at the party. Don't they look happy?

Nick and Charlotte no doubt eating korma, some time in February. Don't they look happy?

Ayumi sat on my bed, no doubt having eaten burgers. Don't she look happy?

..and finally, a picture from this very evening; me (with my messed-up three-chinned hairy chub skull), Max, Charlotte, Nick and Mary after a good Aerobie session where we were all ace at Aerobie. Don't we look happy?

Happy now?

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