Realign your Spine in 2009

.. is what it said on the big banner outside the chiropractors near the Kingsmead leisure centre this morning. I wonder if they were high-fiving after they came up with that slogan; Yeah, go Team Bad Backs! That are a comedy gold!

Saw Chris and Maureen as I was shuffling off campus this morning. They were just waddling round, giving it all Ooh, look at us; we're a pair of mallards representing the notion of love and partnership in an anthropomorphic manner, giving hope to those that want to believe that love will transcend these times of selfishness and emotional starvation.
I just ignored them and walked on.

That was the start of a long day. Got up to go swimming for 07:30, then afterwards Charlotte, Amelia and I went to meet our landlords for next year as they showed us round the property before renovation gets under way. Check this out; we don't have to pay any rent over the summer because in July and August they're creating a fourth bedroom, replacing the boiler, re-fitting the bathroom, and when we do start paying rent they're covering our TV licence and water rates. Hmm. where's the catch..?

When we walked in the house I saw a drum kit in the dining room. An actual, full-size drum kit. I gave the landlady a look that said surely you don't approve of this; a full-size drum kit in the dining room? She countered my look with a look of So what, there's a drum kit in the dining room. What do I care? Get with the program, Rich. I'm not some make-you-eat-washing-up-powder, take-your-money-and-shit kind of landlord, as you should have figured out already, you tenant sod.

Went to Salsa class at Westgate Hall for 20:30. Really good class, proper tiring. Afterwards we had a meeting to discuss who would like to either teach Salsa or be part of the Freshers Fair promoting; I said yes to both. I still can't quite believe I've got involved with Salsa to such an extent.

Been listening to Magma's first album, Koba
a (1970) all day. Such an incredible record. It's considered to be some of the first French prog, and its influence is in so much I listen to (The Cinematic Orchestra, Kerosene 454, and Mike Patton to name some). Also, drummer/songwriter Christian Vander invented an entire language (called Kobaïa) to sing in, decades before Sigur Rós. There is not one wasted moment on this epic album.

Okay, I'm pretty tired now, but there's more to come. Stick around...

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